Etelux’s full range of vacuum glove boxes: IoT glove boxes, independent purification system glove boxes, electrolyte application glove boxes, solar energy application glove boxes, nuclear industry application glove boxes, vacuum welding application glove boxes, welding application gloves Box, OLED application field glove box, super capacitor / lithium electric oven integrated machine, lithium battery production line, sodium-sulfur storage battery welding production line, lithium electric oven integrated machine.
There are many specifications and models available for users to choose from, from single-column and single-station suitable for research and development to dual-column / multi-column multi-station for large-scale production, and can be customized according to user requirements; organic solvents can be integrated according to user requirements Adsorbers, refrigerators, heating chambers, projection microscope systems, cold traps, cryogenic baths, organic solvent adsorbers, booster systems, vacuum pumps, etc.
Vacuum glove box is an ideal device for colleges and universities, scientific research units, and enterprise laboratories to carry out scientific experiments. It is widely used in lithium battery research and development and production, physical and chemical research, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology, special welding, OLED and PLED. Research, pharmaceutical industry, materials processing, R & D and production of special lamps, fine chemicals, polymer materials and other industries.

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