Chemical research and development needs a stable and clean environment to ensure the reliability of research and development results. The water oxygen content in the experimental environment needs to be accurately monitored and controlled.

Etelux can provide vacuum glove box, gas purification system, solvent purification system and other supporting products and services according to the specific environmental requirements in the experimental research and development. Other accessories can be integrated in the glove box according to the needs of customers, such as microscope, cold well, oven, refrigerator, electrostatic device and other accessories.

In order to help users in the research and development field to use glove box equipment more conveniently and safely, Etelux has independently developed the Internet of things intelligent glove box system since 2004. The system can realize glove box movement control and centralized management, with real-time synchronization of equipment status, record of equipment data reports, query of historical data, active notification of alarm messages, remote debugging of equipment and failure Online diagnosis and online repair, online customer service and other functions.


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