A clean room, is the basis for contamination control. Clean Room is a specially designed room in which airborne particles, hazardous air, bacteria, and other contaminants are removed from a certain space, and temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow rate, airflow distribution, noise, lighting, and static electricity are controlled within a certain range of requirements.

According to the use classification can be divided into industrial clean room and biological clean room.

1.Industrial clean room

Industrial clean room is suitable for precision machinery industry, electronics industry, semiconductor, integrated circuits, etc.; aerospace industry, high purity magnetic products. Atomic energy industry, chemical industry, light industry (CD, tape and movie production), LCD, computer hard disk head production and other industries.

2.Biological Laboratory

Biological clean room mainly to bacteria and dust as the object of work.

It can be divided into general biological clean room and biosafety laboratory clean room. General biological clean room is mainly to control biological (bacterial) contamination, the internal material needs to be able to withstand a variety of sterilizing agents, the internal generally maintain a positive pressure. For example, the pharmaceutical industry, hospital operating rooms, sterile hospital beds, animal laboratories, etc..

Biosafety laboratory clean room is mainly to control the work object is the living particles of the outside world and human contamination. Internal to maintain a negative pressure with the atmosphere. Internal to maintain a negative pressure with the atmosphere.

According to the classification of airflow can be divided into directional air cleaning room, turbulent clean room and mixed flow clean room.

1, Directional air cleaning room

Directional air cleaning room can be divided into vertical flow clean room and horizontal flow clean room. The airflow is from the indoor air supply side parallel, straight, smooth flow to the corresponding return side. The system make the pollutants in the room to be pressed out of the room by the clean air before spreading to the room, and the incoming clean air plays the role of isolation of the pollutant source.

2, Turbulent clean room

Turbulent flow clean room air supply and return air outlet need to be installed on the opposite side, diagonal arrangement. Air supply diffusion orifice plate is generally made into 1/4 arc。 Through this air supply outlet to send radial clean air flow to the diagonal below the return air flow, the pollutants “diagonally pushed” to the return air area, and finally discharged indoors.

3, Mixed flow clean room

The general form of mixed flow clean room is a non-unidirectional flow clean room. But the air cleanliness needs to be strictly above the region using unidirectional flow-type clean measures, so that the region to meet the requirements of the unidirectional flow-type clean area, in order to prevent the relatively poor surrounding air environment affects the local high cleanliness.

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