The structure and principle of OLED
The basic result of OLED is to make a layer of tens of nanometers thick organic light-emitting material as a light-emitting layer on the indium tin oxide (ITO) glass, and a layer of low-power function of the metal electrodes above the light-emitting layer, constituting a structure similar to a sandwich.

Structure of OLED
OLED is a dual-injection light-emitting device, driven by the external voltage, the electrode injected electrons and holes in the light-emitting layer in the composite formation of electron-hole pairs in the bound energy level that is the exciton, the exciton radiation back to the excitation of the photon, resulting in visible light. In order to enhance the injection and transmission of electrons and holes, usually between the ITO and the light-emitting layer to increase a layer of hole transport layer, between the light-emitting layer and the metal electrode to increase a layer of electron transport layer, so as to improve luminescence performance. In this case, holes are injected by the anode and electrons are injected by the cathode. Hole in the organic material of the highest occupied orbital (HOMO) on the jump transmission, electron in the organic material of the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) on the jump transmission. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are referred to as OLEDs, in which thin films of organic compounds emit light to influence the electric current, and are commonly used in lighting applications, home appliances and electrical appliances, cellular phones, high-definition televisions, and other electronic devices. Michelona glove box can be applied in the production of OLED field, this is the main character introduced to you today, OLED field glove box. Can be integrated according to the demand: refrigerator, air conditioning, organic solvent purification system, independent purification system, heating large silo, projection microscope system, cold trap, cryogenic bath, organic solvent adsorber, pressurization system, vacuum pump, etc.

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