Manufacturing Method of Vacuum Coating System

To heat the article in a vacuum environment can use the vacuum furnace of the vacuum coating machine. It will cause uneven heating of the workpiece and large deformation.

Generally, to drive the rotation of the hanger to solve the uneven heating of the workpiece can set a motor  under the vacuum furnace. Problem, but its sealing is poor. The effect of vacuum is not good, and the production efficiency is low. It affects the coating effect, and the yield of the finished product is low.

In order to overcome the shortcomings and deficiencies in the prior art, a vacuum coating system is provided. A vacuum coating system and a vacuum glove box system integrate with this system.

It can complete thin film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber.  The glove box is used for high-purity inert gas storage for sample storage, preparation, and sample detection after evaporation.

The combination of evaporation coating and glove box realizes the fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, and testing processes.

So that the entire film growth and device preparation process integrates highly in a complete controllable environment atmosphere system.   It eliminates the organic large area circuit preparation. The influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment guarantees the preparation of high-performance. And it gurantees  large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits.

The vacuum coating system has high production efficiency and high yield rate of finished products. A lot of fields have used this equipment. They are experimental research and application of solar cell perovskite, OLED and PLED, semiconductor preparation and so on.

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ATTO10 + 1800 Glove Box Integrated Coating Machine

The Atto10 + 1800 glove box is a proven glove box vapor deposition all-in-one machine. It is a rugged and versatile design standard solution. The system can be operated manually and automatically and has a wide range of deposition instrument options including: electron beam evaporators, RF and DC sputtering sources, low temperature organic evaporators and metal evaporators. There are also many system options available, such as quartz crystal monitoring, high vacuum load lock and heating, cooling, rotating or static sample stage. This system is integrated with the vacuum coating system and Lab2000 glove box system. The glove box is a box in a closed environment that is isolated from the atmosphere. Various assembly operations and other tasks can be performed inside the box through gloves. There is no water in the glove box. No oxygen, only filled with high-purity inert gas, to achieve seamless connection between the coating machine and the glove box, to solve the problem of coating products contaminated by water and oxygen molecules.


GSL-1800X-ZF4 Evaporation Coating Instrument

GSL-1800X-ZF4 evaporation coating instrument is a high-vacuum evaporation coating instrument, which is especially suitable for vapor deposition of metal films sensitive to oxygen (such as Ti, Al, Au, etc.). It can also vaporize various oxide materials. This machine is equipped with 4 evaporation heating boats, and each evaporation boat is equipped with a baffle. If some configurations are changed, the evaporation coating of organic materials can be realized, which can meet the research requirements of light-emitting devices and organic solar cells. It is an experimental device with ideal coating effect and high cost.