Etelux High Vacuum Resistance Thermal Evaporation & Electron Gun Coating Machine & Glove Box
The OLED Organic and Inorganic Evaporation Coating System is a multi-functional coating equipment.  (optional thermal evaporation / thermal resistance evaporation and electron beam evaporation)  meet the needs of researchers and electron microscopy.

A variety of vacuum systems can equip with vacuum chambers and standardized process accessories. It provides a range of experimental technologies to meet the needs of modern laboratories.

It can choose to configure bell-type glass chamber, cylindrical glass chamber. It can also be equipped with a universal front door stainless steel chamber. The chamber has extra height and width, suitable for installing more process accessories.

Customer-selectable modular process accessories include thermal resistance evaporation sources. They also includes their control power sources, electron beam evaporation sources. And shielding plates, substrate fixtures, and film thickness monitors, too.

A touch screen PLC controlls and monitors the vacuum system. It is easy to operate. High vacuum pump options include diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, condensation pumps. They also include use oil-sealed or dry pumps as support pumps. The integrated high-vacuum valve with battery backup protects the pump and sample in unexpected situations.


Touch screen PLC automatic control vacuum system

Multiple optional thin film deposition sources and power supplies

Multiple optional sample holders

Multiple optional vacuum chambers

Intelligent high vacuum valve protection pump and sample

Compact design minimizes space requirements

No compressed air required

Complete safety using interlock protection

Main application:

Anti-reflective coating



Dielectric layer

Organics / Polymers and OLEDs

Optoelectronic Research

Compound semiconductor

Solar battery


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Perovskite Solar Cell Connected Single Coating Machine Glove Box

Etelux Lab2000 perovskite solar cell coating machine glove box all-in-one machine, combined with evaporation coating and glove box, realizes fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, testing and other processes, making the entire thin film growth and device preparation process highly integrated in a complete controllable environment atmosphere system, the influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment during the preparation of organic large-area circuits is eliminated, and the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits is guaranteed. It is designed for the research of materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries, and is widely used in the preparation of nanomaterials and battery electrode materials.