Etelux glove box accessories

We have the following glove box accessories:

quality Glove box accessories , Automatic Pressure Control Kit for Etelux Glovebox,Glove box Interface Video Microscope System.

Also Glove box Cold Well,Glove box Gloves, Butyl Rubber, Ambidextrous 0.015″,Glove box Gloves, Butyl Rubber, L & R, 0.015″.

And glove box Interface 8-Pin Octal,Glove box Interface RJ-45 or 25-Pin Data,Glove box Interface 20 amp: 5-way Binding Posts feedthru for electrical signals.

Also Glove box Interface 28-Pin or 57-Pin Electrical,Glove box Interface 1/2 NPT,Glove box Interface 1/4 NPT,Glove box Interface 3/8 NPT

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Etelux Glove Box Gloves

NORTH Butyl Synthetic Rubber Dry Box Gloves
Main Application:
Nuclear power, defense, etc., medical, biotechnology production.

Also dry box operation of semiconductors and general manufacturing.

And high chemical hazards, such as chemical weapons, laboratory operations.

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Automatic Pressure Control Kit for Etelux Glovebox

Automatic Pressure Control Kit is an automatic pressure control kit for Etelux glovebox to keep Glovebox Chamber at constant pressure from -1.25Kpa to 1.25 KPa

Glove Box Glove Ports


The standard glove ports made of hard aluminum allow, stainless steel or plastics to accommodate a variety of glove and sleeve combinations. There are two slots on the port to retain gloves. On the other end, there is a threaded ring to lock the port with contact surface during installation.