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Etelux Nuclear-grade Purification Filter

The field of nuclear research mainly involves the disposal of radioactive materials, and Etelux nuclear-grade purification filters can ensure that operators are protected from radioactive threats. There are strict regulations on the use of nuclear waste, reprocessing, nuclear energy and nuclear research. Etelux nuclear-grade filter units in the nuclear design industry strictly adhere to a series of international safety standards such as environmental protection and quality control.

Gas Mixing System

This Inert Controlled Gas Mixing System 4 Glove Glovebox System are complete standalone systems integrated with entire functional components. They are able to create an inert environment with less than 1 ppm of H2O and O2. The systems are modulated with antechambers, removable windows, adjustable trays, lighting units, adjustable shelves, and gloves, which meet most of the operational needs in the glovebox. The systems are made of welded stainless steel and are equipped with highest-quality components. We also provide optional components to meet your special requirements.

Glove Box Air Conditioning

Nevertheless some processes or instruments placed in glove boxes can cause an elevation in temperature of the atmosphere of the glove box. Similarly, if the glove box is not installed in an air-conditioned room and the ambient temperature can reach 35 ° to 40 ° C in periods of high heat, we would advise that either an air conditioning or an air exchanger/water unit be connected to the purification circuit.

Glove Box Glove Ports


The standard glove ports made of hard aluminum allow, stainless steel or plastics to accommodate a variety of glove and sleeve combinations. There are two slots on the port to retain gloves. On the other end, there is a threaded ring to lock the port with contact surface during installation.