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ATTO10-R High Vacuum Resistance Thermal Evaporation Coating Machine

Atto10 is a proven, robust and versatile design standard solution. The system can be operated manually and automatically and has

GSL-1800X-ZF4 Evaporation Coating Instrument

GSL-1800X-ZF4 evaporation coating instrument is a high-vacuum evaporation coating instrument, which is especially suitable for vapor deposition of metal films sensitive to oxygen (such as Ti, Al, Au, etc.). It can also vaporize various oxide materials. This machine is equipped with 4 evaporation heating boats, and each evaporation boat is equipped with a baffle. If some configurations are changed, the evaporation coating of organic materials can be realized, which can meet the research requirements of light-emitting devices and organic solar cells. It is an experimental device with ideal coating effect and high cost.