I. Feasibility analysis
It is feasible to retrofit an air conditioner to the glove box to control its temperature below 40 degree Celsius. First of all, the size and material of the glove box as well as the heat load of the items inside need to be assessed to determine the cooling power of the air conditioner required. For example, if the size of the glove box is large and the items stored inside will generate high heat, it is necessary to choose air-conditioning equipment with higher cooling capacity.
Second, the choice of air conditioning equipment
Small refrigeration unit: this type of unit usually has a compact design and is suitable for installation in a limited space, such as a glove box. Its cooling effect is more significant, can quickly reduce the temperature inside the box.
Semiconductor refrigeration module: semiconductor refrigeration module has the advantages of small size, no noise, no vibration, etc., but the refrigeration efficiency is relatively low, and it may require more than one combination of refrigeration modules to meet the cooling needs.
Installation Precautions
Sealing treatment: Ensure that the connection between the air-conditioning system and the glove box is well sealed to prevent cold air from leaking and affecting the cooling effect.
Heat dissipation problems: air conditioning equipment will generate heat during operation, and reasonable arrangements need to be made for heat dissipation channels to ensure its normal operation.
Electrical connection: It is necessary to ensure that the electrical connection is stable and reliable to avoid short circuits and other safety hazards.
Fourth, the temperature control system
Temperature sensor: install high-precision temperature sensors, real-time monitoring of temperature changes in the glove box.
Controller: According to the feedback signal of the temperature sensor, the controller can automatically adjust the operating status of the air conditioner, such as cooling power, running time, etc., in order to accurately control the temperature inside the box.
V. Maintenance
Regularly check the operating condition of the air conditioning equipment, including the cooling effect, electrical connections, etc.
Clean the air conditioner’s filter and heat sink to prevent dust clogging affecting the cooling performance.
For example, in some chemical experiments, the preservation temperature of the experimental samples have strict requirements, through the glove box with air conditioning to control the temperature, you can ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the experiment. Another example, in the production process of some electronic equipment, some sensitive components need to be operated in a specific low-temperature environment, retrofitting air conditioning after the glove box can provide such conditions.

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