Safety is the most important consideration when operating a glove box. Below are some basic safety guidelines to ensure proper and safe use of the glove box:

Training: Before using the glove box, ensure that all operators are properly trained on how the glove box works, operating procedures and safety procedures.

Glovebox Inspection: Before using the glovebox, check that it is in good condition, including the integrity of the gloves, the integrity of the seals and the proper functioning of all control systems.

Environmental Controls: Ensure that the atmosphere in the glove box meets the requirements of the experiment. For experiments requiring specific atmospheres (e.g. inert gases), ensure that the purity of the atmosphere meets the required standards.
Personal Protection: When operating the glove box, wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as lab coats, safety glasses, gloves, etc. to prevent skin contact and inhalation of chemicals.
Chemical Management: When handling chemicals in the glove box, strictly follow the guidelines in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the chemical to ensure safe storage, use and disposal of the chemical.

Fire precautions: As flammable substances may be used in the glove box, ensure that there is no source of ignition near the glove box and that appropriate fire extinguishing equipment is available.
Emergency Preparedness: Understand and familiarize yourself with the procedures to be followed in case of an emergency, such as gas leakage from the glove box, fire or injury to personnel.
Practice: Follow the operating procedures for the glove box and do not perform unauthorized experimental activities inside the glove box.
Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly maintain and inspect the glove box to ensure that all components are functioning properly, and replace damaged or deteriorated components in a timely manner.
Cleaning and Sterilization: Clean the inside of the glove box regularly to maintain a clean environment. For glove boxes used in biological experiments, they should be properly sterilized after use.
Waste Disposal: Dispose of the waste inside the glove box according to the prescribed procedures and do not leave the waste inside the glove box.
Record Keeping: Maintain detailed operational records including maintenance, inspection, chemical usage and any unusual events.

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