Function principle of Etelux vacuum glove box. The working gas in the glove box is between the box and the purification column (water and oxygen adsorber).

It is  under the control and monitoring of PLC. It is  through a closed cycle through pipes and circulating fans, etc.

When the working gas circulates through the purification column. Its moisture and oxygen are adsorbed. And then returned to the box.

As the cycle time passes, the water and oxygen content of the working gas in the box will gradually decrease. And eventually reach the index of less than 1 ppm . The purification column will saturate after a certain period of cycle. And it can be regenerated and reused.
Etelux glove box use. In the course of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidized and deliquescent. Under atmospheric conditions. It makes the chemical reaction of the test substances and the pretreatment of the samples very difficult.  It affects the test process and test results.
Etelux vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas protection box) effectively solves these problems. The device is to charge high purity inert gas into the box. And filter out water, oxygen, organic gases and other substances in the box. Laboratory equipment. The main function is to remove O2, H2O, and organic gases.

It is widely used in ultrapure environments without water, oxygen, and dust. The research and development and production of lithium batteries use glove boxes widely. Physical chemistry research, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology also use glove box.

Special welding, OLED and PLED research, pharmaceutical industry use glove box. Material processing, special lamp research and development and production use glove box widely. Fine chemicals, polymer materials and other industries also use glove box widely.

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Etelux Constant Temperature Glove Box with Air Conditioning

Etelux Lab2000 glove box integrates air-conditioning and constant temperature glove box. This system vacuum glove box is specially designed for the research of materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. Using German BASF deoxidizing material, American UOP high-efficiency H2O absorbing material, the H2O and O2 components in the glove box can continuously maintain a high-purity and high-purity gas environment with a gas purity of less than 1ppm for a long time. manual / automatic control system air pressure; manual / automatic control system Purification status; automatic control of the reduction process of the gas purification system; automatic prompt and alarm functions; system control parameter settings; system parameter recording; system actuator monitoring of operating conditions; transparent front panel makes operation more convenient and easy, widely used in the preparation of nano materials and battery electrode materials.


Etelux Glove Box for Cleaning Inert Gas

Lab2000 cleaning-type inert gas protective glove box is specially designed for the research of materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. The operation box uses the inert gas to the side and the gas to be excluded from the glove box. This process Commonly known as “washing gas”, and then rapidly reduce the H2O and O2 content in the box;