Operation and Function of Glove Box Mini Antechamber

The glove box is usually used for tools Put the items outside into the glove box Close the mini antechamber door of the glove box. Open the door outside mini antechamber . Put items. Close the door outside mini antechamber . Cleaning makes the inside of the mini antechamber at -0.1 (pull the handle outside the mini antechamber to clean) Pump down to zero in the mini antechamber (pull the handle outside the mini antechamber to pump down). Open the mini antechamber door in the glove box to take out the items. Take the items out of the glove box. Close the two doors of mini antechamber . The cleaning keeps the inside of the mini antechamber at -0.1 (pull the handle outside the mini antechamber to clean). Pump down…

Etelux glove box use: In the course of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidized and deliquescent under atmospheric conditions, which makes the chemical reaction of the test substances and the pretreatment of the samples very difficult, which affects the test process and test results.
Etelux vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas protection box) effectively solves these problems. The device is to charge high purity inert gas into the box and filter out water, oxygen, organic gases and other substances in the box. Laboratory equipment. The main function is to remove O2, H2O, and organic gases; it is widely used in ultrapure environments without water, oxygen, and dust. The product can be used in the research and development and production of lithium batteries, physical chemistry research, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology, special welding, OLED and PLED research, pharmaceutical industry, material processing, special lamp research and development and production, fine chemicals, polymer materials and other industries.
Optional intelligent system of internet of things can realize mobile glove control and centralized management, safe and secure. It has intelligent functions such as real-time device status synchronization, device data report records, historical data query, alarm message active notification, remote device debugging, online fault diagnosis and online repair, and online customer service.

Nuclear Purification Protective Glove Box

With the rapid development of nuclear industry and nuclear technology, various sectors of the national economy have continuously introduced a variety of radioisotope products, ray instruments and radiation technologies, and have played an increasingly important role in scientific research and production and medical applications. When operating radioactive materials with strong radiation, in order to prevent the spread of radioactive pollution and ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment, it is necessary to operate in a specially designed vacuum glove box. The designed glove box has the ability to effectively shield the radiation of radioactive materials and the ability to radiate radioactive gases generated during the operation of radioactive materials. The sealing performance of the glove box and the filtering performance of ventilation and exhaust should be good,…

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