Have you experienced that the glove box lighting is not turned off, and then climbed the fifth floor to the laboratory to turn off the light?

Have you ever experienced anxiety because there was no one in the laboratory during the holiday and there were important items in the glove box?

Have you ever waited an hour in the laboratory because the equipment is being regenerated?

Are you still troubled by the inability to provide corresponding environmental data for the experiment?

With Itex IoT system these are not problems

  1. With the increase of laboratory equipment, the Internet of Things system provides you with centralized management of equipment, allowing you to easily control every equipment.
  2. The advent of the era of big data, our system provides you with a series of data query, analysis and backup, so that you have evidence for every experiment.
  3. Long-term use of the device will inevitably cause some small abnormalities. Our intelligent system will feedback to you and our after-sales engineers in a timely manner through WeChat, email, SMS, etc. The engineers can resolve the anomalies through remote diagnosis.
  4. In the system, you can consult online and apply for repairs, or you can retrieve abnormal solutions through our self-service platform.

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