Class 100 Purification Glove Box is designed to meet the customer’s scientific needs. The main function lies in the removal of oxygen, water, and organic gases. It is widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen and dust, such as: lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, specialty lamps, laser welding, brazing, materials synthesis, OLED, MOCVD, etc.. Biological applications are also included.

Product Advantages

  • The glove box is easy to operate. Strictly made in accordance with German technology standards. Adopting Siemens 7-inch touch screen operation, the operation interface is simple and easy to get started;
  • High efficiency: ultra-low water oxygen, less than or equal to 1ppm, up to 0.1ppm. Imported purification materials, high adsorption efficiency, once a year can be regenerated and reused;
  • Beautiful design, compact structure and fine workmanship of the glove box;
  • The glove box purification system enables water and oxygen to be <1ppm;
  • Stable operation of the equipment, which can be operated continuously for a long time;
  • Low operation and maintenance cost;
  • Specialized, standardized and large-scale production of each part of the glove box;
  • Providing products for customers with various special requirements;
  • All parts are strictly audited and controlled;
  • Rich design and manufacturing experience;
  • Sophisticated technical team to realize continuous improvement and perfection of products;
  • Perfect after-sales service system and rich experience in after-sales service, which can realize quick and considerate after-sales service.


  • Closed Circulation

The inert gas in the glove box is circulated through the circulating fan and purifier in a closed circuit, constantly removing water and oxygen.

  • Automatically controlled regeneration

The water and oxygen removing material can be regenerated and the regeneration process is controlled by the program.

  • Automatic cleaning

Atmosphere replacement in the glove box is accomplished through an automatically controlled cleaning valve.

  • Pressure control

The pressure inside the glove box is controlled automatically by PLC. The working pressure can be set freely within +/- 10mbar, beyond +/- 12mbar.

The system is automatically protected.

  • Vacuum pump automatic control

The vacuum pump is required to be turned on automatically when the system is needed.

Automatic chamber cleaning

Glove box has Automatic chamber cleaning function. Automatic box cleaning function. The glove box can change the environment of different nature of the gas. It can also complete the fast automatic cleaning in the misoperation led to water or oxygen after.

When utilizing the automatic cleaning function of the gas inside the box, the user first sets the cleaning time, and then touches the start button on the touch screen, so that the system will start to clean the box. When the set time is reached, the system will stop automatically. Etelux Glove Box add vacuum pump start/stop time control.

Clean (Class 100) High Efficiency Purification Circulation System (according to ISO14644-1 or FS209E)

By means of a high-efficiency class 100 clean environment filtration and purification system, the number of suspended particles in the controlled environment in the chamber is greater than or equal to the maximum concentration limit of the required particle size (p/m3).

≥ (diameter of suspended particles) 5.0µm Less than 29/m3

≥ (diameter of suspended particles) 0.5µm less than 3520 / m3

Working conditions of the equipment:

1. Power supply: two-phase three-wire AC220V, power ≥3KW;

2.The laboratory should have a separated ground wire less than 3 Ω. It is recommended to use a flat copper wire ≥ 10 mm2 for the connection from the equipment to the ground wire;

3. Water supply: no;

4. Relative humidity<75%;

5.No heavy dust, corrosive, flammable and explosive gases in the room;

6. Inert gas: working gas required to provide 0.4-0.6mpa, mixture working pressure 0.01-0.05mpa;

7. During the installation and commissioning period, the gas should be provided by the user. Three bottles (40L/bottle) of working gas with a purity of 99.999% and one bottle (40L/bottle) of regeneration gas (a mixture of 5%-10% hydrogen and working gas);

8. Equipment footprint: length × width: 3500mm × 1000mm;

9. Load-bearing requirements: ≤ 500kg / m3;

If you have any questions, pls contact Etelux.

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