At present,  all fields in the industry use the glove box commonly.  The purification materials can remove the glove box’s water and oxygen.

And  the purification material needs to be regenerated to restore its activity after adsorption and saturation. So that it has water and oxygen removal function again. At present, some manufacturers in the industry have frequent reduction and cleaning of products.

In addition to the problem of the regeneration process of sealing and purification materials. Unreasonable structural design of the purification column and unscientific design of the aspect ratio also exits. Unscientific flow control of the reducing gas flow exits, too.  Factors such as incomplete regeneration every time.
Therefore, seeking an excellent glove box purification and regeneration system is necessory. So it can make the purification material in the regeneration process more uniform when heated. The reduction is more thorough. And to improve the efficiency of the purification and regeneration system is an urgent issue for the entire industry.
In order to overcome the above difficulties, a glove box with a purification system is provided. It has a good purification and regeneration effect and a high utilization rate of purification materials.

According to the reduction reaction, the Etelux gas purification glove box has a reduction of the reducing gas consumption at different stages.  Automatically control time and adjust gas flow to achieve automatic control of reducing gas flow.

The glove box gas purification system improves the utilization of purification materials. It increases the number of times the glove box box is cleaned. And it reduces the frequency of reduction of the purification column.

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