Covid-19 self-service collection station.

Assembly movable and multifunctional posi­tive-negative pressure.

1 .Simple and convenient disinfection. Infrared disinfection device installed inside. The station could be self-sevice disfected before woking. It makes sure sterile and hygiene.

  1. After collection, only need to put the touched medical gloves enter into the disinfectant to disinfect outside. It greatly reduces the frequency and time of disinfection. And it is helpful to defect much more people in short time.
  2. Differencial pressure of inside and outside. Collection station keeps higher pressure inside than outside in positive pressure. It could defend the splash get inside. So it doesn’t not need to disinfection inside every time.
  3. Arm holes collection. Medical care personnel can collect samples by strech out of the special arm holes. They can see through the visible quarantine glasses. Then they can directly put the samples in the number boxes after collecting. It greatly reduces the contact area. So it avoids the risk of infec­tion by touching and breath.
  4. Convenient and movable defection.  The assembly station could quicly disassembly. And it’s packed to transporta­tion. The four-pulley wheel at the bottom can move the collection to the designated places.  It can greatly raise the detection efficiency.

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