Explosion-proof Glove Box

Etelux Lab2000 Front Window Glove Box
Technical Parameters:

Index: H2O ≤1ppm, O2≤1ppm;

Leakage rate: ≤0.01vol% / h;

Main chamber: size 1200mm × 750mm × 900mm (47.2 inch L × 29.5 inch W × 35.4 inch H), openable front window glass;

Glove port: 2 glove ports, hard aluminum alloy / polyformaldehyde;

Gloves: North America, glove diameter 8 inches, thickness 0.4 mm, butyl rubber material

Main antechamber: 1, φ360mm × L 600mm, vacuum degree ≤-0.1MPa;

Mini antechamber: 1, φ150mm × L 330mm, vacuum degree ≤-0.1MPa;

Control system: Siemens micro system controller, touch screen operation control;

Operation interface: equipped with Siemens 7 ”color touch screen and English interface to realize man-machine dialogue and easy operation;

Regeneration process: full name of automatic valve control, safe and reliable;

Vacuum pump: Atlas GVD-12 or Edward RV12;

Circulating fan: high-speed variable frequency fan, flow rate 0-100m3 / h, microprocessor-controlled, pressure-tested stainless steel device.

Single purification column: German BASF deoxidation material, American UOP high-efficiency water absorption material;

Purge valve: Burkert, Germany, fully automatic electric valve, modular design;

Filter: High-efficiency filter using a 0.3 micron pore size filter that complies with HEPA standards;

Solvent column: It absorbs the volatilized solvents and high-efficiency activated carbon, and can be replaced according to the use situation (or the adsorbent material can be adsorbed according to the different solvent)

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