Explosion-proof Glove Box

Etelux Lab2000 Front Window Glove Box
Technical Parameters:

Index: H2O ≤1ppm, O2≤1ppm;

Leakage rate: ≤0.01vol% / h;

Main chamber: size 1200mm × 750mm × 900mm (47.2 inch L × 29.5 inch W × 35.4 inch H), openable front window glass;

Glove port: 2 glove ports, hard aluminum alloy / polyformaldehyde;

Gloves: North America, glove diameter 8 inches, thickness 0.4 mm, butyl rubber material

Main antechamber: 1, φ360mm × L 600mm, vacuum degree ≤-0.1MPa;

Mini antechamber: 1, φ150mm × L 330mm, vacuum degree ≤-0.1MPa;

Control system: Siemens micro system controller, touch screen operation control;

Operation interface: equipped with Siemens 7 ”color touch screen and English interface to realize man-machine dialogue and easy operation;

Regeneration process: full name of automatic valve control, safe and reliable;

Vacuum pump: Atlas GVD-12 or Edward RV12;

Circulating fan: high-speed variable frequency fan, flow rate 0-100m3 / h, microprocessor-controlled, pressure-tested stainless steel device.

Single purification column: German BASF deoxidation material, American UOP high-efficiency water absorption material;

Purge valve: Burkert, Germany, fully automatic electric valve, modular design;

Filter: High-efficiency filter using a 0.3 micron pore size filter that complies with HEPA standards;

Solvent column: It absorbs the volatilized solvents and high-efficiency activated carbon, and can be replaced according to the use situation (or the adsorbent material can be adsorbed according to the different solvent)

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Etelux Lab2000 Front Window Glove Box

Lab2000 Inert Controlled 2 Glove Glovebox System are complete standalone systems integrated with entire functional components. They are able to create an inert environment with less than 1 ppm of H2O and O2. The systems are modulated with antechambers, removable windows, adjustable trays, lighting units, adjustable shelves, and gloves, which meet most of the operational needs in the glovebox. The systems are made of welded stainless steel and are equipped with highest-quality components. We also provide optional components to meet your special requirements.