3D Printing Technology
3D printing technology is a collective name. And it is for a series of rapid prototyping technologies.

It is a technology based on digital model files. And it uses powder-like metal or plastic and other adhesive materials.

So they construct objects by printing layer by layer. And 3D printing technology can directly produce entities using digital model files.


It is the fundamental advantage of 3D printing. And it’s traditional production processes.

So 3D printing technology greatly reduces the manufacturing threshold. We can manufacture products with any complex structure.

They use 3D printing technology. It is especially suitable for individualized product manufacturing.
In the prior art,  3D printing can use an assembly line. It can also use multiple production, quality inspection and assembly equipment.

One or more pipelines can set up .  And separate printing operations use different equipments.

Between equipment and equipment, equipment and product workpieces. The lack of effective means of coordination and interaction between them.

It has led to lower intelligence, automation, and personalization on the assembly line. It has affected production efficiency.To this end, we have provided 3D printed glove boxes.

They have a large volume sealed, strictly control water and oxygen. And they improve the reliability of product quality.  Also automatic robot loading and unloading and transmission.

The glove box  highly integrate he signal and power lines. And they are sealed to prevent interference.

So each molding equipment requires different glove box design requirements.  According to different customer requirements, we can customize different glove boxes.

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