The Key Role of Glove Box in the Process of Making Lithium Battery

In recent years, with the rise of lithium battery manufacturing industry.The participation of many lithium battery manufacturing companies has made the domestic lithium battery market uneven. The Lithium Battery Glove Box is a necessory to make lithium battery.

Now the lithium battery industry has entered a stage of rapid development.

But the current equipment and process conditions all restrict us.  The rapid development of many companies in the industry.

How to make lithium batteries small and durable, high energy storage density.  And even beautiful, etc. They are all problems in front of us!

The Lithium Battery Glove Box is one of the important aspects. Let’s take a look at the key role of Etelux’s glove box in the production of lithium batteries.

The large-scale lithium battery automatic production line. It can realize automatic scanning, injection, weighing, refilling, and sealing operations in the glove box. It  realizes efficient and completely unmanned automated production, too.

It  greatly saves labor costs. And it greatly increases productivity, too. And product quality and yield rate. It maximizes the benefits for customers.

The Lithium Battery Glove Box line is a revolution in lithium battery / super capacitor production.

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Lithium Battery Glove Box

This Inert Controlled Lithium Battery 4 Glove Glovebox System are complete standalone systems integrated with entire functional components. They are able to create an inert environment with less than 1 ppm of H2O and O2. The systems are modulated with antechambers, removable windows, adjustable trays, lighting units, adjustable shelves, and gloves, which meet most of the operational needs in the glovebox. The systems are made of welded stainless steel and are equipped with highest-quality components. We also provide optional components to meet your special requirements.