IoT Industrial Intelligent Glove Boxes

Are you still distressed by the fact that the work site of the equipment cannot be entered manually? IOT Glove Box can help you.

Because there are multiple devices in the same area.  Or multiple devices distributed in different areas. They require centralized management.
Using industrial intelligent products of the Internet of Things can solve the above problems well.
IoT industrial intelligent products can realize networking, remote, intelligent control.  And cloud management of various industrial equipment.

The application of Etelux IoT glove Box

Etelux IoT products can apply not only to the networking and remote control of a single device in the laboratory, too.  But also to the networking monitoring.  The management of multiple devices throughout the laboratory can centralize.
Now,  not only  laboratories use the IoT products of Etelux. But also  various production enterprises. It can help enterprise to centrally network different types of equipment and  remote management. It effectively optimizes the utilization rate of equipment, and save labor costs.

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Etelux Lab2000 IoT Super Purification Glove Box

Etelux Lab2000 IoT Super Purification Glove Box: H2O and O2 parameters are under control, and H2O and O2 data are monitored in real time. If there is an abnormal alarm, send a text message to the mobile phone in time, and up to ten years of data records are saved, which can be queried at any time. , download, print; unattended operation can remotely operate the pressure setting of the glove box, vacuum pump, lighting, cycle start and stop, the regeneration process does not require on-site attendance; abnormal monitoring and exclusion butler service Etelux Corporation 365 x 24h real-time butler type monitor the abnormal situation of each online glove box, timely and effectively guarantee the normal operation of each glove box, and implement preventive online maintenance for each glove box. Designed for research in materials science, chemistry, semiconductor, and related industries. Using German BASF deoxidizing materials, American UOP high-efficiency water-absorbing materials, the H2O and O2 components in the glove box can continuously maintain a high-purity and high-purity ultra-low H2O and O2 environment with a gas purity of less than 1ppm for a long time, hand / automatic control system air pressure; hand / automatic control system purification status; automatic control of the gas purification system’s reduction process; automatic prompt and alarm functions; system control parameter settings; system parameter recording; system actuator monitoring of operating conditions; transparent front panel makes operation more convenient and easy, widely used for preparing nanomaterials and battery electrode materials.