Etelux, a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, is the largest in Asia and a world’s leading manufacturer of inert gas protection equipment. We can provide you with customization and OEM of glove boxes.

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Etelux provides complete glove box application solutions and related facilities for domestic and foreign customers. The main products include: biochemical test glove boxes, lithium battery glove boxes, special lamp production glove boxes, laser welding glove boxes, solvent filtration system, solvent purification system, gas purification system, smoke adsorption system, vacuum heating system, etc. It has been adopted by thousands of customers in the fields of aerospace, weapons, power, biochemistry, physics, metallurgy, electronics, materials and other fields.

Manufacturing capacity

Etelux currently has three production bases, with an annual production capacity of 2,000 sets of standard equipment and 500 sets of non-standard equipment. The whole process, including sales, production and after-sales, has achieved information-based and systematic management, so that the production process can be monitored and tracked to ensure stable quality, on-time delivery and fast service. In the process of production, we strictly follow American standards and nuclear industry standards. At present, we cooperate with famous brands including GE, NICHELL, Edward, etc. The whole production process has been realized, standardized and modularized. Our production equipment is also very advanced and well equipped, with CNC turning center, welding robot, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, helium.


Etelux strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001 quality control system, and strictly manages all aspects of raw materials, processing, complete machines and shipments to ensure the performance and quality of products.


Etelux has set up a special marketing management center and eight offices nationwide, as well as more than ten branches overseas with resident technical service personnel to provide comprehensive service for customers before, during and after sales. Where there are Etelux products, there is Etelux‘s excellent service!

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