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Have You Encountered This When Using a Glove Box?

  1. The equipment work site cannot be entered manually or cannot be detained for a long time, and the equipment work must be unsupervised;
    2. Multiple devices in the same area or multiple devices distributed in different areas need to be managed centrally, and multiple users need to manage multiple devices together;
    3. The user needs to query the historical records of equipment work to solve research or production problems;
    4. After-sale personnel must go to the site to diagnose and debug the equipment operation failure, which has low efficiency and high cost.
    Nichwell’s smart glove box can solve the above problems. The wisdom and ability of Etelux ’s glove box:
    (1) Automatic warning of equipment abnormality
    (2) Historical status can be queried
    (3) Network monitoring of remote equipment
    (1) Centralized equipment management
    (2) Online debugging and upgrading of equipment
    (3) Remote fault diagnosis
    Etelux’s smart glove box helps customers realize equipment information management, bring users a more convenient and smarter user experience; and improve the efficiency of after-sales service of the enterprise, saving labor costs.

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