High-precision vacuum coating device. The vacuum pumping device includes a vacuum pump and a vacuum pressure sensor. The vacuum pressure sensor is located in the central vacuum chamber. The new high-precision vacuum coating device improves the accuracy of coating thickness control and improves the repeatability of product processing processes.
Vacuum coating is a technology that produces a thin film material by a physical method. The atoms of the material in the vacuum chamber are isolated from the heating source and hit the surface of the object to be plated. It is widely used in the production of optical lenses, such as marine telescope lenses, etc .; later extended to other functional films, record aluminum plating, decorative coating and material surface modification. Vacuum evaporation coating is a vacuum chamber that heats the raw materials to be formed in the evaporation container to vaporize its atoms or molecules from the surface and form a vapor stream, which is incident on the solid to be coated, that is, the surface of the substrate or substrate. A method of condensing to form a solid film.
Advantages of Nichwell glove box vapor deposition all-in-one machine: The combination of evaporation coating and vacuum glove box can realize the fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, testing and other processes, so that the entire film growth and device preparation process is highly integrated in a complete controllable environment. In this system, the influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment during the preparation of organic large-area circuits is eliminated, and the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits is guaranteed.

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