Vacuum Coating

Main Uses of Multi-functional Magnetron Sputtering Coating System

Since the 1980s, magnetron sputtering technology has developed rapidly, and its application field has been greatly promoted. Now magnetron coating technology has a pivotal position in the field of coating, and plays a great role in industrial production and science. In the TP and display industries, magnetron sputtering coating is particularly important as the upstream of processing.

Therefore, a multifunctional magnetron sputtering coating system is provided. This system is a combination of a vacuum coating system and a vacuum glove box system, which can complete thin film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber and is highly pure inert in the glove box, storage and preparation of samples and detection of samples after evaporation in a gas atmosphere.

The combination of evaporation coating and glove box realizes the fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, and testing processes, so that the entire film growth and device preparation process is highly integrated in a complete controllable environment atmosphere system, eliminating the organic large area circuit preparation The influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment guarantees the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits. The multi-purpose magnetron sputtering coating system is mainly used for preparing various metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films, magnetron films, optical films, superconducting films, sensing films and functional films with special needs.

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