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Vacuum Coating Device and Coating Method

According to the principle of absorbing sunlight and the structure of the film, the basic types of selective absorbing films include semiconductor films, light interference films, multilayer gradient films, cermet films and porous films. The characteristics of these films that absorb solar energy are not only related to the distribution ratio of the film material, but also to the thickness of the film. However, the composition and thickness of each area of ​​the thin film structure made by using the existing coating device and coating method are basically the same. The thin film structure obtained by one spray coating can have a very single selectivity. Therefore, using the existing The coating device and coating method to select a thin film structure with the best optical performance is a heavy workload and a complicated matter, and it will also lengthen the R & D cycle and increase the R & D cost.

Provide a glove box vapor deposition all-in-one machine. This system is integrated with a vacuum coating system and a glove box system. It can complete thin film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber and perform samples in a high purity inert gas atmosphere in the glove box.

Storage, preparation and testing of samples after evaporation

The combination of evaporation coating and glove box realizes the fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, and testing processes, so that the entire film growth and device preparation process is highly integrated in a complete controllable environment atmosphere system, eliminating the organic large area circuit preparation process The influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment guarantees the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits.

Equipment use: mainly used in solar cell perovskite, OLED and PLED, semiconductor preparation and other experimental research and application.

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