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Etelux IoT Glove box Keeps Your Winter Warm

Etelux said something to you:

The cold winter has arrived. In the severe winter, the Etelux IoT glove box adds a touch of warmth to you, so that you can easily spend the cold winter.

1.There is a traffic jam on a snowy road, but you need to do an experiment immediately. Use a mobile phone to check the running status of the glove box and adjust the atmosphere in the box to prepare for the experiment.

2.During the experiment, the system will record the real-time values ​​of various parameters in the cabinet, which is convenient for analyzing the experimental results in combination with different experimental environments.

3.Based on your usage data analysis, the system finds out when you need to regenerate, when to replace pump oil, activated carbon, molecular sieves and other consumables, and push the information to your WeChat.

4.When the glove box is loaded with a large instrument, air is mixed in, and there is no need to wait on site when cleaning.

  1. When the glove box warning reminds you that you need to do regeneration, you can check the regeneration situation through your mobile phone without waiting on site.

6.Leave the lab and forget to turn off the lighting. You do n’t need to return to the lab, you can just turn off the phone.

7.When cold air strikes at night, the temperature is low, and the pressure change of the glove box increases. You can set the upper and lower pressure through the mobile phone.

8.When traveling on business, you can always know the operation of the glove box and whether there is any abnormality through your mobile phone.

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