The working gas in the glove box is between the box and the purification column (water oxygen adsorber), under the control and monitoring of the PLC, through the pipeline, circulating fan, etc. for closed circulation. When the working gas circulates through the purification column, its moisture and oxygen are absorbed, and then returned to the tank. With the passage of the circulation time, the water and oxygen content in the working gas in the tank gradually decreases, and finally reaches the index of less than 1ppm. The purification column will be saturated with adsorption after a certain period of time, and can be regenerated and reused.

The advantages of vacuum glove box are divided into the following points:

Closed circle

The inert gas in the vacuum glove box is sealed and circulated by the circulation fan and purifier to continuously remove water and oxygen

Automatic control regeneration

Water and oxygen removal materials can be regenerated, the regeneration process is controlled by the program

Automatic cleaning

The atmosphere replacement in the vacuum glove box is completed by an automatically controlled cleaning valve

Cabinet pressure control

The pressure in the vacuum glove box is automatically controlled by PLC, the working pressure can be freely set within +/- 10mbar, and the system is automatically protected when it exceeds +/- 12mbar

Automatic control of vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is required to start automatically when the system needs

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