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Do You Misunderstand the Glove Box?

When talking about the glove box, what was your first reaction?

Box for storing gloves

Instruments used to produce gloves

still is………………

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So, what exactly is a glove box? What’s the use for?

Let’s introduce the glove box in detail for everyone!

Car glove box:

The car glove box is the storage box next to the front passenger seat.

Laboratory glove box:

Laboratory glove box(vacuum glove box)

The main function of the glove box is to remove O2, H2O, and organic gases; it is widely used in ultrapure environments without water, oxygen, and dust. The glove box is mainly used in: lithium battery research and development and production, physical chemistry research, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology, special welding, OLED and PLED research, pharmaceutical industry, material processing, special lamp research and development and production, fine chemicals, polymer materials and other industries.

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