In the production process of cylindrical lithium ion batteries, pre-forming is an important process. Pre-forming is to activate the internal activity of the battery with the energy of electricity. A SEI film is formed at the negative electrode of the battery. Good-quality chemical conversion equipment can ensure that the battery has a better quality. Charge and discharge performance and cycle life.

At present, due to the large weight of the monomer, most rely on the manufacturing method of single-section turnover. The manual operation method causes problems such as a high battery quality defect rate, an artificial body that is prone to scratches and deformations, chemical composition data that cannot be reliably traced back, low handling efficiency, and poor safety.

In order to overcome the problems that the existing cylindrical lithium ion battery pre-forming process mostly relies on manual turnover manufacturing methods, the problems of high labor intensity, low number of equipment and low utilization rate, poor use safety, etc., provide a lithium battery automated production line to achieve lithium ion Battery manufacturing process high-quality, high-efficiency cylindrical lithium ion battery automatic equipment.

The beneficial effects are reflected in: Lithium battery automatic production line can realize full-automatic code scanning-injection-weighing-rehydration-sealing operation in the super purification glove box, realizing highly efficient and completely unmanned automated production, greatly saving labor costs and greatly increasing productivity And product quality and yield to maximize customer benefits.