With the rapid development of China’s nuclear industry and nuclear technology, various sectors of the national economy have continuously introduced a variety of radioisotope products, ray instruments and radiation technologies, which have played an increasingly important role in scientific research and production and medical applications. When operating radioactive materials with strong radiation, in order to prevent the spread of radioactive pollution and ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment, it is necessary to operate in a specially designed glove box. The designed glove box has the ability to effectively shield the radiation of radioactive materials and the ability to radiate radioactive gases generated during the operation of radioactive materials. The sealing performance of the glove box and the filtering performance of ventilation and exhaust should be good, so that a certain negative pressure is maintained during the operation of the system, to avoid radioactive leakage such as aerosol diffusion generated by radionuclides during operation, to achieve clean and safe discharge, and ensure safety of people and the environment. The traditional shielded glove box is generally a welded metal box, and its sealing performance can only be guaranteed by the metal inner box. In addition, most traditional ventilation systems use mechanical or negative pressure to discharge radioactive exhaust gas to the outside, and do not have the function of filtering and adsorbing radioactive exhaust gas.

Aiming at the defects in the prior art, the glove box in the field of nuclear research in Etelux mainly involves the processing of radioactive materials. Such glove boxes are based on the principle of ensuring that operators are protected from radioactive threats. Glove boxes used in the fields of nuclear waste, reprocessing, nuclear energy and nuclear research have strict regulations. Etelux strictly abides by a series of safety standards such as environmental protection and quality control when designing glove boxes for nuclear applications.

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