Glove Box Knowledge

1.The cycle and analyzer are turned off at the same time
Reasons: ① the pressure in the chamber is too high for an instant, and the system automatically protects when it exceeds + 12mbar; ② the voltage is unstable, causing system protection.
Method: ① Check whether the pressure setting is correct, whether the pressure sensor is abnormal, whether the chamber vacuum valve or air supply valve is damaged, and after the pressure returns to normal, turn on the analyzer and cycle. ② Check whether the vacuum pump is broken and cannot run.
2.Main antechamber and mini antechamber cannot replenish gas
Reasons: ① The air holes in the glove box leading to the main antechamber and mini antechamber may be blocked by plastic films, etc .; ② Whether the solenoid valve is not open.
Method: ① Determine the position of the air hole according to the direction of the pipeline and clear the pipeline; ② Check the circuit and solenoid valve.

3.Unable to pump air
Reasons: ① The exhaust holes in the in main antechamber and mini antechamber are blocked by plastic film, etc., or the hatch is leaking; ② the doors are not closed tightly, or the seals of main antechamber and mini antechamber are loose.
Methods: ① Determine the position of the air holes according to the direction of the pipeline, and clear the pipeline; ② Close the antechamber door and check the size of the seal ring; ③ Check whether the working pressure is too low (because the exhaust valve of the antechamber is a pneumatic valve).
4. Antechamber pressure continues to increase during cleaning
Cause: The cleaning valve is not open, the intake air pressure is too large, and the pipeline is not smooth.
Measures: ① ensure that the pipeline is unobstructed, it is best not to bend; ② the relative pressure in the antechamber is continuously lower than 0.5 mbar during cleaning.
5.Purification column main valve failure
Reasons: ① the working gas pressure is less than 0.5Mpa; ② the main valve signal feedback failure.
Measures: ① Replace the working gas cylinder, or check the pressure of the auxiliary valve of the pressure reducing valve at 0.5Mpa; ② Check the signal switch of the main valve.
6.The cycle cannot be started
Reason: Low-voltage or high-voltage protection for fan inverter.
Method: After the voltage stabilizes, shut down and restart after 1 minute.

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