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The Scope of Use of Vacuum Glove Box

In many chemical reactions and pretreatments of test samples, some substances are very sensitive to oxygen and water and generally cannot be carried out. Although the chemical reaction of this substance can be carried out in a vacuum container, it cannot be operated, which brings great difficulties to the handling of chemical reaction samples of this substance.

The use of the vacuum glove box enables these substances to be freely operated, reacted and tested without oxygen and water. Therefore, it is used in the fields of chemistry, chemical industry, biology and hygiene, especially in some catalysts and metal organic compounds (such as M0 source). Etc.) has a wide range of applications in preparation and research.

The glove box is a kind of equipment that provides an anhydrous and oxygen-free environment. It is mainly composed of a display system, a transition chamber, a vacuum system, a control system, a cabinet, a circulating purification and regeneration system, etc., and can also be combined with a gas purification system and a solvent filter. The system is integrated with the water and oxygen display system, and can be separately integrated with the gas purification system, solvent filtration system and water and oxygen display system. It is made of high-quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel arc welding, double-layer toughened glass, and stable performance.

The vacuum glove box produced by Etelux mainly consists of two parts: the main box and the antechamber. If users have other special requirements, non-standard glove boxes can also be customized according to customer requirements. There are two or more glove operation interfaces on the main box, which are distributed in front of the box, so that the operation box can be operated by one or more people at the same time, which improves the efficiency of the box.

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