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The Scope and Structure of the Vacuum Glove Box

In many chemical reactions and pre-treatments of test samples, some substances are very sensitive to O2 and H2O and cannot be carried out under normal circumstances. Although the chemical reaction of this type of substance can be carried out in a vacuum container, it cannot be operated, which makes the pretreatment of the chemical reaction sample of this type of substance very difficult. The use of a vacuum glove box allows these substances to operate, react and test freely in the absence of oxygen and water. Therefore, it is used in chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, and biology, especially in certain catalysts and metal organics (such as M0 sources, etc.) ) Has a wide range of uses in preparation and research.

The glove box is a kind of equipment that provides an anhydrous and oxygen-free environment. The equipment is mainly composed of a display system, a transition chamber, a vacuum system, a control system, a cabinet, a circulating purification and regeneration system, etc., and can also be combined with a gas purification system, Solvent filtration system, water and oxygen display system integration work. The box body is made of high-quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel argon arc welding, and double-layer tempered glass. Beautiful and novel, stable performance.