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Two Core Advantages of the Circulating Purification Glove Box


  1. The extremely low system leakage rate of the circulating glove box:

The company’s glove box leakage rate is <0.005 VOL%/H. It is tested by a national authoritative testing organization: the measured value of the standard glove box leakage rate is <0.001 VOL%/H (the glove box is under ±800Pa pressure) , Far lower than the internationally accepted standard of <0.05VOL%/H, the system adopts the oxygen method and has the function of automatically detecting the leakage rate.

After the assembly is completed, the complete glove box system adopts three sets of testing procedures:

  1. Detection of positive and negative pressure changes;
  2. Helium mass spectrometer leak detector for air tightness testing;
  3. Leak rate detection by oxygen method.
  4. The circulating glove box has a strong deoxygenation and water removal cycle purification capacity:

The recycling purification system of the nine-door glove box adopts the original purification material reduction and regeneration patented technology. This patented technology can use a cylinder of reducing gas to reduce and regenerate 8-10 kilograms of deoxidizer, so our company’s deoxidizer fill volume It can reach 8 kilograms, and the filling amount of water-removing agent matching with the oxygen-removing agent can also reach 16 kilograms. The core patented technology of our company’s purification material reduction and regeneration has the following advantages:

  • The glove box greatly improves the reduction and regeneration rate of the purification material, and the reduction and regeneration rate of the deoxidizer is >80%
  • A steel cylinder of reducing regeneration gas in the glove box can reduce and regenerate 8-10 kg of deoxidizer (the amount of deoxidizer filled is determined by the amount of deoxidizer that can be regenerated by a cylinder of regenerating gas. If a cylinder of reducing regeneration gas can only reduce and regenerate 4 kg of deoxidizer, the more filled deoxidizer is also ineffective, so the same amount of deoxidizer is only about 5 kg), which matches The filling amount of the dewatering agent is 16 kg (the filling amount of the dewatering agent is determined according to the effective filling amount of the deoxidizing agent, and the filling ratio of our company’s dewatering agent to the deoxidizing agent is 2:1) . So the amount of oxygen and water removal is greater
  • The reduction and regeneration interval of the glove box purification material is longer, and the interval period can reach more than 12 months under normal use (the interval period is determined by the following four aspects under normal use conditions: a. The leakage rate of the glove box; b. The amount of oxygen and water removed by the purification material; c, the characteristics of the material during the user’s use; d, the user’s usage habits, etc.), it is precisely because our company’s glove box products have ultra-low leakage rate and powerful deoxygenation and water removal , So the regeneration interval of the purification material is longer.
  • The glove box greatly saves the cost of using the glove box (saving reduction gas), time cost and maintenance cost
  • The glove box greatly prolongs the service life of the purification material. Under normal use, the deoxidizer and dewatering agent in the glove box of our company do not need to be replaced (under normal use, the reduction and regeneration life of the deoxidizer is more than 20 times , Our company’s purification material reduction regeneration interval can be up to one year or more than 12 months, so our company’s purification material replacement cycle is more than 15 years, and the service life of the glove box is about 15 years, which means that in normal use In the state, the glove box does not need to replace the deoxidizer and dewatering agent)
  1. Filling amount of dewatering agent: 16KG, effective dewatering amount can reach: 5KG, no need to replace
  2. Filling amount of deoxidizer: 8KG, effective deoxidizing capacity: 120L, no need to replace
  3. The filling amount of activated carbon: 6KG, generally replaced once every two years (according to the actual application of the glove box)