At present, the traditional RF sputtering method is widely used for the preparation of electrolyte films, but the prepared electrolyte films can not meet the requirements of compact structure. The traditional RF sputtering device adopts the plane balanced magnetron electrode, in which the energy of the deposited materials is low, and the deposited atoms or clusters can not be fully diffused at the thickened interface of the films, which leads to the deposition of the films in the There are many pores in the microstructure, and the thickness is not uniform, which can not meet the requirements of preparing high-density electrolyte film by sputtering device.

A multifunctional magnetron sputtering coating system is provided. The system is composed of a vacuum coating system and a glove box system, which can complete the film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber, and store and prepare samples in a high-purity inert gas atmosphere in the glove box, as well as detect the samples after evaporation. The main purpose of multi-functional magnetron sputtering coating system is to prepare various metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films, magnetron films, optical films, superconducting films, sensing films and functional films with special needs.

The advantages of multi-functional magnetron sputtering coating system: the combination of evaporation coating and vacuum glove box can realize the completely closed production of evaporation coating, packaging, testing and other processes, so that the whole film growth and device preparation process are highly integrated in a complete system of controllable environmental atmosphere, eliminating the influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment during the preparation of organic large area circuit, ensuring high performance and large scale Preparation of area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits.

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