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Manufacturing Method of Lithium Ion Battery

Since the process of injecting electrolyte into a lithium-ion battery must be completed in a dry glove box, an automated production line for lithium batteries is provided. This production line can perform full-automatic code scanning in a super-purified glove box-injection-weighing-rehydration- The sealing operation realizes efficient and completely unmanned automated production, which greatly saves labor costs, greatly improves productivity and product quality and yield, and maximizes benefits for customers. This production line is a revolution in the production of lithium batteries / super capacitors.

Functional description of lithium battery automated production line

  1. The battery raw material package enters the glove box from the feed bin;
  2. The battery raw material package is automatically scanned and weighed, and the weighed battery raw material package is automatically placed in the material conveying device;
  3. The conveying device automatically enters the liquid injection cylinder for liquid injection;
  4. The liquid-filled batteries enter the standing cylinders 1, 2, and 3 respectively for standing;
  5. The battery after standing still enters the sealing cylinder for vacuuming and sealing;
  6. The sealed battery will be automatically weighed twice, and the unqualified products will enter the recycling transition bin on the left for processing;

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