Over the past few decades, the semiconductor field has been an important direction in which we have been catching up and researching. In the face of foreign technology monopoly, we have been looking for their own development path. And the ultimate goal is to complete the industrialization of semiconductors, no longer subject to the constraints of others.

According to EMI forecasts, 2024 OEM semiconductor manufacturing equipment global sales will recover to 100 billion dollars. Despite the current macroeconomic downturn, the semiconductor equipment market is expected to rebound strongly in 2024 after an adjustment in 2023.

Looking back, in 2021, global semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales surged 44% from the previous year to $102.6 billion. The Chinese mainland was once again the largest market, growing 58% to $29.6 billion, the fourth consecutive year of growth.In 2022, semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales grew again to a record high. This also means that in the next few decades, semiconductor technology and production, will still be an important object of mutual “competition” between countries.

So today I will be from the perspective of semiconductor safety production, the introduction of some related ancillary products.

Semiconductor welding equipment

Semiconductor chip glove box is specially designed for the research of material science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. The main configurations are fume removal system, vacuum oven, water cooling system, suitable for laser welding.

The glove box adopts German BASF deoxidizing material and American UOP high-efficiency water-absorbing material. The water and oxygen components in the glove box can be continuously maintained in a high clean and high purity gas environment for a long time. The glove box can manually and automatically control the gas pressure and control the purification status of the system. Automatic control of the gas purification system of the reduction process; glove box with automatic tips, alarm function. The system can control parameter setting, system parameter recording, system actuator working condition monitoring. Transparent front panel makes the operation more convenient to operate. The glove box is widely used in the semiconductor industry in MOCVD technology.

1. Laser Welding Glovebox

In water and oxygen free laser welding, the glove box provides a low oxygen and low vapor content process environment for the capping process. The laser capping machine is placed in the operation box of the glove box. Technical index: water content

2. Parallel Sealer Glovebox

The glove box provides a low-oxygen, low vapor content process environment for the capping process while the capping machine completes the capping of the tubular shell. The capper is placed inside the glove box. The material is baked in the vacuum oven, passed through the inner door of the operator box, and then removed through the exchange box after the capping process is completed. By vacuum baking and operating the capping process inside the glove box, the moisture and oxygen content inside the tube shell can be reduced to meet the demand of high performance and high reliability.

3. High accuracy oven

  • Temperature uniformity ±2℃ -Vacuum degree ≤3×10-5;
  • Layers of independent heating, temperature control more accurate
  • Temperature ≤ 300 ℃
  • PLC and HMI on-line control;
  • AI719 temperature controller to control the heating, advanced AI artificial intelligence PID; regulation algorithm;.
  • 12.5 times per second measurement sampling rate, using a small control cycle up to 0.24s;
  • Anti-interference performance meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under severe industrial conditions.

4. Vacuum tunnel drying system

  • Scale production, production efficiency is several times higher than the traditional process.
  • Follow the industry 4.0 standard, fully automated operation and intelligent control.
  • Multi-process continuous automation system, each process cavity seamlessly connected, transfer process isolated from the atmosphere, high efficiency, low energy consumption
  • Each process specializes in completing a single function, realizing a constant high vacuum, low dew point, high temperature uniformity drying environment, which greatly improves the performance parameters of the products, and at the same time guarantees the consistency of the products in a single batch and multiple batches.

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