What is the Function of the Glove Box?

1. Closed circulation: The vacuum glove box and the gas purification system form a closed circulation system, and the gas purification system supplies gas circulation power.

2. Man-machine dialogue: equipped with colorful touch screen, Chinese interface, complete man-machine dialogue, quick operation

3. Active control (the system is controlled by the integration of the man-machine interface of the colorful touch screen and the PLC program control system)

Complete functions: hand/active control cabinet pressure; hand/active control of the purification state of the gas purification system; active control of the recovery process of the gas purification system; hand/active purification system recovery, purification and conversion purification column (when equipped with dual purification columns) ; Active box atmosphere alarm; box atmosphere and pressure parameter setting and manual/active conversion; gas purification system active control function parameter setting; check system history records; gas purification system actuator working condition detection; program control system operation error And warning notices;

Non-standard experimental German glove box

4. Recovery and regeneration

The purification system uses renewable/recoverable purification materials, and the recovery process is actively controlled by the system;

During recovery and regeneration, power supply and a mixture of hydrogen (5-10%) and inert gas must be satisfied.

5. Misoperation prevention: The system actively detects the conditions and equipment operating status in the process of operation through the PLC program control system. If there is a fault system, the system will issue instructions for faulty operation or insufficient conditions, which will make the operation of the equipment more convenient and the operators can use it more conveniently equipment.