Common Problems and Solutions for Glove Boxes

1. The buttons on the touch screen do not respond, and no new page pops up when pressed.

The cause of the problem: the user forgot to log in or the glove box did not log in from the beginning after the power failure.

Solution: In the user management interface, just log in from the beginning.

2. The vacuum pump stops working and cannot be opened from the beginning.

The cause of the fault: The instantaneous current is too large when the vacuum pump is started, and the air switch is tripped and disconnected.

Solution: First, check whether the power button on the vacuum pump is in the open position. Secondly, open the electrical cabinet to check whether the QF2 circuit breaker is in the open position.

3. Gas consumption in the glove box is too fast.

Cause of the problem: This situation may be caused by air leakage from the cylinder pressure reducing valve, damage to the tank vacuum solenoid valve and failure to close normally, open angle valve battery valve and three-way air leakage.

Solution: Check whether there is leakage at the gas cylinder connection; secondly, whether the pressure of the glove box can be maintained normally; then, whether the solenoid valve part of the open angle valve is leaking; finally, check whether the transition chamber is opened frequently, too much Gas consumption.

Non-standard single station glove box

4. The circulating fan cannot be started, and the glove box cannot be circulated.

Cause of the problem:

a. The outlet pressure of the steel cylinder pressure reducing valve is too low to open the angle valve;

b. The angle valve sensor switch does not sense and has no response signal;

c. The solenoid valve of the open angle valve is defective, and no air pressure enters the angle valve.


a. Check whether the cylinder gas is open and whether the working gas inlet pressure reaches 0.5-0.6MPa;

b. Check whether the angle valve sensor switch normally senses the open position and whether the sensor indicator light is on.

5. The water and oxygen target rises and cannot reach below the value required for operation.

Cause of the problem:

a. Damage to the oxygen battery, battery quality problems and transmitter faults;

b. If the glove box absorbent material is used for a long time and there are many organic solvents, the absorbent material will be poisoned and the adsorption power will be lost.


a. Check whether the appearance of the oxygen battery is intact, if there is swelling, leakage, etc., replace the battery;

b. After regeneration from the beginning, the water oxygen index always keeps a constant value, which can detect whether there is a problem with the water oxygen transmitter; c. If the target cannot be reached after a certain period of circulation, it is necessary to consider whether the adsorption material is damaged or not, and the material needs to be replaced .

Non-standard single station glove box

6. The pressure of the glove box has been rising or falling.

Cause of the problem:

The solenoid valve of the glove box air supplement (exhaust air) is stuck by a foreign object and cannot be closed.


Check whether the air supplement and exhaust solenoid valves are stuck, clean or replace the solenoid valves.

7. The transition warehouse cannot maintain pressure normally.

Cause of the problem:

a. The sealing ring is aging and the sealing function is deteriorated;

b. There is foreign matter at the warehouse door, which cannot be sealed normally.


a. Replace the sealing ring;

b. Remove the foreign objects at the seal ring and the warehouse door.