Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery Automatic Equipment

In the production process of cylindrical lithium ion batteries, pre-forming is an important process. Pre-forming is to activate the internal activity of the battery with the energy of electricity.

The negative electrode of the battery forms A SEI film. Good-quality chemical conversion equipment can ensure that the battery has a better quality. And charge and discharge performance and cycle life, too.

At present, due to the large weight of the monomer. Most rely on the manufacturing method of single-section turnover.

The manual operation method causes problems such as a high battery quality defect rate. An artificial body that is prone to scratches and deformations.

And the chemical composition data that cannot be reliably traced back. Because of low handling efficiency, and poor safety.

In order to overcome the problems , the existing cylindrical lithium ion battery pre-forming process mostly relies on manual turnover manufacturing methods.

The problems of high labor intensity, low number of equipment and low utilization rate, poor use safety, etc.

They provide a lithium battery automated production line to achieve lithium ion Battery manufacturing process.

It’s  high-quality, high-efficiency cylindrical lithium ion battery automatic equipment.

Lithium battery automatic production line can realize full-automatic code scanning-injection-weighing-rehydration-sealing operation.

In the super purification glove box, it realizes highly efficient and completely unmanned automated production, too.

And it greatly saves labor costs and greatly increasing productivity. And product quality and yield maximize customer benefits.

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MSK-112A-EA Semi-automatic Cylindrical Winding Machine

Product introduction:

MSK-112A-EA Semi-Automatic Cylindrical Machine is a device that can be applied to the winding process of cylindrical lithium ion battery pole pieces. Compared with the manual winding machine, the device has high winding efficiency, good winding uniformity, a large range of applicable battery sizes, and is more suitable for various cylindrical battery winding requirements of the lithium battery laboratory.

MSK-170 Vacuum Still Box

Product introduction:

MSK-170 vacuum static box is a device that can be applied to the production of flexible packaging lithium-ion batteries and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. Its function is to complete the vacuum standing of the battery after the injection, and to promote the electrode sheet to conduct the electrolyte Absorption; or vacuum defoaming and vacuum storage for various materials. The device adopts a split design, and the vacuum chamber can be placed in a glove box for use.

MSK-330A Precision Spot Welder

Product description:

MSK-330A cylindrical battery negative spot welding machine is an AC pulse welding machine, which can be used for spot welding of negative electrode tabs of lithium ion batteries, as well as welding processes of nickel metal hydride, nickel chromium and various lithium ion batteries.

MSK-500 Cylindrical Battery Roll Groove Machine

Product description:

MSK-500 cylindrical battery roll groove machine is a device that can be applied to the cylindrical lithium ion battery roll groove process. The replacement groove groove mold can be applied to the production of cylindrical batteries of various specifications.

MSK-510M Cylindrical Battery Sealing Machine

Product introduction:

MSK-510M cylindrical battery sealing machine is driven by hydraulic jack to realize the packaging process for cylindrical batteries. The standard mold can be used to seal the 18650 battery. After changing the mold, it can seal other sizes of cylindrical batteries (such as 26650, etc.).

MSK-520 Automatic Cutting Machine

Product introduction:

MSK-520 automatic cutting machine is a cutting device, used for lithium battery positive and negative film cutting. The device has beautiful appearance, small size, good cutting performance, convenient and easy to use, and is ideal for laboratory cutting preparation.

MSK-540 Automatic Trimming Machine


Product introduction:

MSK-540 automatic trimming machine can realize continuous precision trimming of rolled materials with a width of less than 300mm. The width can be adjusted steplessly, especially suitable for single precision slitting occasions where the width often needs to be adjusted. The equipment can be widely used in lithium battery, metal foil, optical film and other functional film industries.

MSK-800W Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Product introduction:

MSK-800W ultrasonic welding machine is a device that can be applied to metal foil for laminated welding. It can be used in lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride battery, nickel chromium battery and various secondary battery welding processes. The equipment power source selects high-quality electronic components with stable power and good welding consistency. The overall equipment design is compact, and the HMI realizes parameter adjustment, which is convenient and easy to use.


Adopt international advanced voltage stabilization circuit, stable welding output power and good welding consistency;

Strong welding power, firm welding, low internal resistance and no false welding;

Can achieve up to 20 layers of copper foil laminated welding; (depending on the battery copper foil, thickness and thickness of the ears);

The welding mold is made of special abrasive steel, which has good wear resistance and long service life;

HMI operation, digital setting, convenient and easy to use;

MSK-AFA-EI300 Intermittent Experimental Coating Machine

Product introduction:

MSK-AFA-EI300 batch type experimental coating machine is a three-roller transfer coating equipment that can perform continuous and intermittent coating, which is convenient to apply to equipment for surface coating of various substrates. Especially used in the lithium-ion battery industry, this device is designed for the convenience of researchers, and at the same time meets the requirements of coating accuracy and consistency, which is no different from production. It has excellent drying effect. Ideal for secondary battery development and pilot testing.

MSK-AFA-L800 800mm Cast Coating Machine (for Making 18650 Cylindrical Batteries)

Product introduction:

MSK-AFA-L800 is a 800mm long cast coater. It contains a vacuum chuck and an oil-free vacuum pump. It can be used to make long thick films with a micron adjustable blade. With a unique automatic propulsion device, it can produce a smooth coating on any material within a range of 180mm width and 600 length. It is an ideal tool for low-cost research and development of 18650 battery electrode materials.