Precautions When Using Plexiglass Glove Box

   1. When the main box is inflated, the changes of the gloves should be observed at all times to prevent the gloves from being broken by over-inflation.

  2. When taking samples through the transition room, seal the inside and outside doors of the transition room in time to prevent air from entering

  3. If you find that the buckle of the door is loose or too tight, you can adjust the screw on the buckle to achieve the best airtight state.

  4. When the glove box is not in use, each door should be opened to prevent the glove box door from deforming due to prolonged squeezing of the buckle.

  5. Avoid contact of gloves with the edges and corners of the instrument and equipment to prevent the gloves from being cut when trying to operate

  6. After each attempt, the power supply of the glove box should be cut off to prevent fire.