Etelux Ultra-capacity /Lithium Battery Oven Integrated Machine

Oven and glove box The oven is equipped with one or more shifts of production materials at a time, and is baked and dehydrated; Automatic material transfer in the oven After the oven material baking process is completed, it is transferred to the glove box cooling area for cooling at a time; After the cooling is completed, the material is taken by the automatic feeding robot and transferred to the processes of liquid injection, penetration, standing, sealing, etc. These processes are automatic production processes; After the above operation is completed, exit the warehouse through a large warehouse; After all materials are transferred to the glove box, close the door with the glove box, open the outer door, reload the material and proceed to the next shift of the material oven…

Reasons for cleaning the water box of the glove box:

If the water probe is not cleaned for a long time, some dirt will adhere to the surface, which will affect the detection.

The cleaning steps are as follows:

① Close the cycle and analyzer;

② Set the working pressure to +5 to + 8mbar;

③Remove the water probe and blindly cover the air outlet with a blind plate;

④Unscrew the metal protective cover at the front of the probe, wash it with deionized water, dry it with dust-free paper, and finally moisten the probe with dust-free paper dripped with cleaning solution, apply evenly;

⑤ Put it back in place, turn on the cycle, turn on the analyzer after 1 hour, and return to normal level after half an hour.


After the water probe is cleaned, the box pressure is set to the original value. The cycle is turned on but the analyzer is turned on again after 1 hour. After the water probe is cleaned, the probe surface is cleaned with deionized water or 85% concentrated phosphoric acid. Turn on the analyzer too early, the water value will always be detected and displayed to exceed the standard, so you should cycle in the box for a while and wait for the water to dissipate before turning it on.

Advantages of the Etelux Vacuum Glove Box

The working gas in the glove box is between the box and the purification column (water oxygen adsorber), under the control and monitoring of the PLC, through the pipeline, circulating fan, etc. for closed circulation. When the working gas circulates through the purification column, its moisture and oxygen are absorbed, and then returned to the tank. With the passage of the circulation time, the water and oxygen content in the working gas in the tank gradually decreases, and finally reaches the index of less than 1ppm. The purification column will be saturated with adsorption after a certain period of time, and can be regenerated and reused. The advantages of vacuum glove box are divided into the following points: Closed circle The inert gas in the vacuum glove box is sealed…