Features of Smart Glove Box Automatic Warehouse

The glove box antechamber door has been upgraded from manual opening to automatic opening. There are two modes of automatic opening:

1. Step mode

2. Automatic mode

Among them, the step mode is a menu question-and-answer operation, which realizes human-computer interaction in a true sense.

Automatic mode operation process:

The automatic mode is to select “antechamber automatic mode” in the menu. In the automatic mode, when the glove box needs to be fed and discharged, the inner and outer doors of the large antechamber will be opened in sequence. The user only needs to put the materials into the large antechamber after the door of one side is opened, and then take it out after the door of the other side is opened The material is enough, and the antechamber door is automatically opened and closed during the whole process, which is very convenient. At the same time, a sensor is installed on the antechamber door. When the antechamber door starts to close, if the user’s hand reaches near the antechamber door, the antechamber door action will immediately change and open, and the user does not need to worry about being caught by the antechamber door.

Step mode operation process:

1. Vacuum

2. Replenishing Qi

3. The inner door opens

4. The inner door is closed

5. Open the outer door

6. The outer door is closed