Features of Smart Glove Box Smart Warning System

1. The status parameters of the glove box that can be collected in real time:

(1) Content

Oxygen content, water content, particulate dust content, carbon dioxide content

(2) Pressure

Chamber pressure, large warehouse pressure, small warehouse pressure, indoor air pressure

(3) Temperature

Chamber temperature, large warehouse temperature, small warehouse temperature, room temperature

(4) Time

Cycle running time, regeneration time, pumping time, air supplement time

2. The status parameters are stored in real time, and the historical status can be queried.

3. The user can set which state to monitor.

4. The user can set the threshold of each state parameter.

5. The system learns the changes of various parameters in the normal state of the equipment.

6. The system provides early warning based on changes in threshold or status parameters.

7. The system statistics and analyzes the operation of the equipment to generate a status report.

The status is divided into three categories: normal, alarm reminder (suspected problem), abnormal notification (leak, failure, malfunction).