Itex Lab2000 Internet of things super purification glove box: water and oxygen parameters are under control, water and oxygen data are monitored in real time, if there is an abnormal alarm, text messages are sent to the mobile phone in time, and the data records for up to ten years are saved for query at any time , Download, print; operating unattended can remotely operate the pressure setting of the glove box, vacuum pump, lighting, cycle start and stop, the regeneration process does not require on-site duty; abnormal monitoring and elimination butler service Itex Corporation 365 x 24h real-time housekeeping Monitor the abnormal situation of each online glove box, timely and effectively guarantee the normal operation of each glove box, and implement preventive online maintenance for each glove box. Designed for researching materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. Adopting German BASF deoxygenation material and American UOP high-efficiency water-absorbing material. The water and oxygen components in the glove box can continue to maintain a high-purity and high-purity ultra-low water and oxygen environment with gas purity below 1ppm for a long time. Hand/automatic control system air pressure; hand/ The purification status of the automatic control system; automatic control of the reduction process of the gas purification system; automatic prompting and alarming functions; system control parameter setting; system parameter recording; system actuator operating condition monitoring; transparent front panel makes the operation more convenient and easy, and is widely used Used to prepare nano materials and battery electrode materials.


Water content <0.1ppm

Oxygen content <0.1ppm

Leakage rate<0.001vol%/h

Solenoid valve modular design

SIMENS Microprocessor Controller

HEPA high efficiency filter

Frequency conversion energy-saving control system

Multiple warning function tips

Internet of Things remote control

Product use

  1. MOCVD technology in the semiconductor industry
  2. Development and production of special lamps (HID)
  3. Microelectronics, laser and plasma welding
  4. Development and production of OLED/PLED
  5. Development and production of lithium ion batteries
  6. Inorganic/organic chemistry research
  7. Research on metal halide/metal powder/ceramic powder
  8. Research on nanomaterials
  9. Catalyst Research
  10. YAG laser welding
  11. Food microbiological inspection
  12. Medical and health clinical specimen inspection

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