Production standards of Etelux Glove Box:

①Strictly implement the international glove box technical standards

② Airtightness testing standard: The airtightness testing of the whole machine system is based on the acceptance of the first-level sealed box in the standard “EJ_T1096_1999_Sealing Tightness of Sealed Boxes and its Inspection Method”, and is inspected and shipped according to the standard detection method. Reminder: It has passed the test by the third-party unit China Academy of Metrology, the test result leak rate: ≤0.01Vol%/h, and the test standard is the leak rate: ≤0.05Vol%/h is the first-level sealed box.

③European and American standards: stable operating system, precise control of the atmosphere in the cabinet so that the water oxygen index is less than 1ppm.

④Program flow standard: The control program compiles the operation program according to the work flow of the electrical components of the European and American glove boxes, and the performance of the equipment is more reliable and stable.

⑤Professional and experienced technicians strictly control the product design, production process, testing process, and quality acceptance to ensure that each factory-made glove box meets the quality standards of European and American glove boxes.

⑥ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification, UL certification, etc.

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