Laser welding has the characteristics of large weld width to width ratio, narrow heat affected zone, fast welding speed, low welding line energy, small welding deformation, small spot diameter after focusing and high energy density.
Application of laser welding in industry
With the advent of high-power lasers, laser welding has been increasingly used in industrial fields such as machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, aerospace, steel, marine engineering, and surface repair of parts. At present, some shipyards in Europe, America and Japan have adopted laser welding technology. Laser welding has been widely used.
(1) Laser welding technology is one of the advanced manufacturing methods, which may replace the existing welding and flame cutting methods, and even some machining methods.
(2) Laser welding robots and portable laser welding machines are important directions in laser technology.
(3) The development of high-power advanced lasers will be an important direction for the development of laser welding, cutting and processing.
In order to solve the effects of humidity and air impurities in laser welding, the Etelux glove box has two 90-degree square cabins, with a heating cabin on the left and a transition cabin on the right. The maximum temperature of the heating cabin is 200 ° C and the heating plate It can be quickly cooled at the same time. The outer side of the square cabin door is a manual door, the inner door is an automatic door, and the inner and outer doors are interlocked. The glove box is controlled by a flow meter for cleaning and can also be connected to a purification system.

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