TA300/TA400 Screeders

1 .12 program strip program, 51 steps per program, 0-9999 seconds per step . Wave curve, can be arbitrarily intercepted. (Total 26 programs. A-Z. Directly press RUN/STOP to start.)spin coaster

  1. Speed 400-10000 rpm preset value 5000 rpm, actual value 4998-5002 fluctuation between. (The small version of the substrate has video evidence as proof.)
  2. End jump coefficient, ±2% for 1mm.glove box
    (This parameter determines the flatness and uniformity of the film, repeatability Consistency. (This is equivalent to half the cross-section of a hairline)
  3. Suction plate: 250 mm chuck jaw disk. Disk material, aluminum. Can be loaded card 40-220 mm of various shapes of the sheet, the middle is the suction cup function, increase the power, around 4 arms, can be added to install the card claw, play the role of centering, and unloading the rotational force.
  4. controller separation, working chamber PP material, working chamber Optional size inner diameter 300 mm, and inner diameter 400 mm

Semi-automatic dripping glue class using the following controller

With 1 way semi-automatic glue drip line.
The process of semi-automatic glue dripping requires manual glue dripping. The mode of operation is to press the glue drip button at the appropriate point of time of your choice. The amount of gel is the same for each titration.

Advantages: strong, pneumatic, can be used more viscous gel, each titration of the amount of gel is consistent .
Accuracy 0.01-50 ml. Single pass.
Disadvantages: Syringe capacity is only 30-50 ml. Manual gluing is required after the colloid has been used.

6 450w motor that can take about 1 kg of substrate rotating 2000 rpm.

1) Power cord 1 pc.
2) Instruction manual