A metal vaporizer is a device used to deposit thin metal films on the surface of an object and is commonly used in industrial production and scientific research. The principle is based on the process of physical evaporation and coalescence, in which metal atoms are evaporated and deposited onto the surface of the substrate by heating a metal source to form a thin film.email:amy@etelux.com

Working principle:

Evaporation source: metal vaporizers are usually equipped with a metal crucible or coil that is internally heated to the evaporation temperature of the metal.
Vacuum system: In order to prevent oxidation and other undesirable reactions, the vaporizer is usually in a high vacuum, and the gases in the chamber are pumped out by a vacuum pump.
Deposition process: After the metal is heated to the evaporation temperature, the metal atoms diffuse freely and deposit on the surface of the substrate to form a thin metal film.
Parameters and operation points:

Evaporation rate: The heating power and temperature are controlled to adjust the evaporation rate of the metal.
Substrate Temperature: Substrate heating is often required to ensure good deposition.
Vacuum: Maintain a high vacuum to prevent oxidation and other undesirable reactions.
Metal Thickness: Adjust the thickness of the metal film by controlling the evaporation time and rate.

Optical lens coatings: metal vaporizers are commonly used to deposit metal films on optical devices such as eyeglasses, camera lenses, and other optical devices such as reflector lenses.
Electronic devices: used in the production of electronic devices in the conductive film, corrosion-resistant layer.
Decorative coatings: to produce metal plating on automobile parts, furniture and other products to improve the appearance of the texture of the product.
Research field: used in material science, surface science and other research fields, preparing thin film samples for analysis and testing.
Metal vapor deposition technology has the advantages of simplicity, controllability and wide range of application, and is widely used in various fields.